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Sotheby's auctions to be streamed live on eBay

March 18, 2015 - United States
eBay is today launching a new area of its website built specifically for the auction house Sotheby's.

Washington Town of Wauconda For Sale on eBay

March 30, 2010 - Washington
"Why buy a house when you can OWN YOUR OWN TOWN!" asks the eBay auction for Wauconda, a small town in eastern Washington. Complete with its own post office, restaurant, gas station and four-acre owner's ranch, this mountain resort near the Canadian border is being sold by Daphne Fletcher, who is "tired and ready to retire". Wauconda's been around for a while. Fletcher says it was a wild west little mining town about 100 years ago and at one time there was approximately 1,000 people in the town.