*** Excellent value for money *** Exceptional estate set in a unique environment of natural wilderness, completely private property, with no (不能交易)

出售, 1,500,000 欧元
(~ 1,700,054 美元)

楼盘类型 : 家庭住宅

楼盘设计 : 古堡

建筑面积 : 1,238 ft² / 115 m²

占地面积 : 21,528,000 ft² / 2,000,017 m² 转换占地面积

卧室 : 2

浴室 : 1

浴室(企缸) : N/A



*** Excellent value for money *** Exceptional estate set in a unique environment of natural wilderness, completely private property, with no A property such as this has never been seen on the market, between sea and mountain, in the middle of a splendid, surprising and unexpected landscape in the Pyrenees Orientales, Languedoc Roussillon, South of France. Located at mid altitude with a very sunny and mild micro climate while still receiving enough rainfall to have always prevented any fire. The 200 ha on the land registry actually come to more than 300 topographic hectares on the ground. Thanks to its mainly Southern, as well as Eastern and Western, exposure, this unique property is sheltered from dominant winds. GROUNDS
This homogeneous but varied estate is composed of:
- more than 25 ha of meadows or fields, to some extent enclosed and irrigable
- more than 25 ha of moors
- more than 250 ha of forest
- and of the fruit trees

Among these 250 ha of topographic forest there are:
- approximately 30 ha of Laricio pines, planted 25 years ago
- chestnuts, holm/durmast oaks, various pines, birches, maples, acacias, beeches, ashes…

The property offers a network of 20 km private trails all – ideal for riding because the trails are sanded and were created with seamless gentle slopes. Huge resources were poured into creating this network in the 1980s and today, these gigantic earthworks are invisible and have blended into the surrounding preserved nature.

The trails make it possible to access all parts of the estate: the wood to manage and exploit, the fields, the big sheep-fold on a plateau in the higher part of the estate and the various terraces and plateaus established all over the estate and offering spectacular views.

The size of the grounds allows private hunting of wild boars, roe-deer, izards, hares, wood pigeons, woodcocks etc. currently not fenced, but the property can be fenced.

The land has always been cultivated without fertilizer or any chemical additive in accordance with agro biology.

All stone built, they form a hamlet and offer a great potential for development by extension, conversion as well as new building depending on the needs for your projects; the buildings can be used for agriculture, breeding or green tourism.

- A medieval fortified farmhouse, Roman style with a history, on 3 levels of approximately 115 m² each, to restore, improve and/or extend, for example by rebuilding towers destroyed in the past
- Independent building 100m², ground floor only
- Barn 250m² with lean-to building on the ground floor and the same again on the first floor
- Open-sided barn with pillars 200m²
- 2 stone sheds of 60m² and 40m²

On a plateau with terraces in the higher part of the estate
- Sheep-fold 200m² on ground floor and same again on first floor

This building is well suited to being extended for example into a big spread out farmhouse and/or equestrian centre. This plateau at the centre of the estate offers a panoramic view with a southern exposure.

All of the buildings will require work to varying degrees, to plan and adapt according to the projects and their development.

- Several springs
- 2 year-round streams
- waterfalls
- private 150m3 water tank
- unlimited free public water

- Running EDF three-phase current
- telephone with ADSL, underground line
- underground electric lines

- almost entirely contiguous land
- without any public right of way
- with many extension possibilities in the stone buildings
- water at will
- unspoiled nature
- fresh air, pollution-free
- site with neither noise nor visual pollution, no fly overs
- an area of full blown preserved nature
- panoramic views
- sunny and mild micro climate
- proximity of airports, motorway, sea and cities
- all modern comfort available without posts and overhead cables, ADSL
- Heliport possible
- hunting rights reserved to the owner
- optimized network of sanded paths all private, proven durability, with little or no maintenance
- close proximity to tourist infrastructures

- horse breeding farm, ideal to train horses for endurance riding
- all kinds of breeding
- exploiting the forests, game
- planting orchards
- renewable energies
- cultural tourism
- green tourism

It is impossible to do justice in words to this exceptional property with all these possibilities which you will not come across elsewhere. If this extraordinary estate has captured your imagination, please contact us…

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处于法国,朗格多克-鲁西荣,佩皮尼昂“*** Excellent value for money *** Exceptional estate set in a unique environment of natural wilderness, completely private property, with no”是一处1,238ft²佩皮尼昂出售家庭住宅,1,500,000 欧元2。这个高端的佩皮尼昂家庭住宅共包括2间卧室和1间浴室。你也可以寻找更多佩皮尼昂的豪宅、或是搜索佩皮尼昂的出售豪宅