Twisting courtyard (tham khảo)

Cho thuê, 3.000.000 CNY (~ 423.621 USD)

Paizihutong, Dashilar Area, Xicheng District, Beijing, China,

Loại bất động sản : N/A

Hình thức bất động sản : Tòa nhà lịch sử

Diện tích xây dựng : 2.426 ft² / 225 m²

Diện tích đất : N/A

Phòng ngủ : 3

Phòng tắm : 2

Phòng tắm : 0


Mô tả bất động sản

The design aims at getting rid of the solemn and stereotyped impression given by Courtyard, and creating an open and active living atmosphere. Based on the existing layout of the courtyard, the undulated floor is used to connect indoor and outdoor spaces of different height. And it is extended to the inside of the house, twisting into walls and roof, thus creating dynamic connection between inside and outside space. What's hidden within the curved wall is necessary auxiliary spaces such as kitchen, toilet and warehouse; while reception and dinning spaces are shown outside the curved wall and connect to the courtyard as a whole. Both indoor and outdoor floors are paved with gray brick. A hawthorn tree in the courtyard is kept and being part of the twisting landscape. The space give people an impression of the combination of the tradition courtyard architecture, essence of the Culture and new but still classical charm. The yard could be used as a residence or public space, such as office or private club, for public events such as recreation, meeting and gathering. Integrated furniture is used to enable the flexible switch of space scenes. Furniture boxes are inserted into the existing wood frames of east and west wings. Wood platform with lifting table hidden inside could be used as tearoom or bedroom. Bed wall and partitive soft curtain are also used in the main room on the north to meet multiple use requirements.Located in Paizihutong, Dashilar Area, Beijing. The Dashilar Area it located stand to the southwest of Tian'An Men Square, is among the best conserved and largest historical and cultural districts, which is one of the 25 districts for historical and cultural conservation according to the urban plan of Beijing. As the most important local commercial center in Ming and Qing dynasties, Dashilar also represents the essence and root of the local culture.1-2 mins walk distance to Beijing Fun, the Cultural Landmark of Beijing10 mins car distance to Tian'an Men Square/Forbidden City (1.7km, 26 mins walk distance)17 mins walk distance to The National Grand Theater(1.1km)2 mins to the nearest Subway station(Qian'men Station, 360m)12mins to the Temple of Heaven(3.8km)15mins to the South Station(High-speed Rail Station, 5.6km)

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Twisting courtyard, Trung Quốc,Bắc Kinh is a 2.426m² Bắc Kinh luxury N/A listed cho thuê 3.000.000 CNY. This high end Bắc Kinh N/A is comprised of 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Find more luxury properties in Bắc Kinh or search for luxury properties cho thuê in Bắc Kinh.