About PropGOLuxury.com

Founded in 2006, PropGOLuxury remains the only US based online real estate company in Asia.

We deliver exceptional online real estate products and services to affluent English and Chinese reading consumers. We are the largest and fastest growing luxury property site in the China and Asia Pacific region and touch millions of elite consumers around the world.

PropGOLuxury.com was launched to fulfill the large and growing demand of our affluent user base requesting exclusive properties from around the world. We are a unique luxury property marketing platform that also offers our clients access to China which has been and will be the world’s largest and fastest growing economy.

China’s GDP is projected to maintain GDP growth levels of 8% to 10% over the next 10 years. Over the last 15 years, more new millionaires have been created in China than anywhere else in the world. We connect our clients to this large and rapidly growing elite class of consumers eager to experience global luxury lifestyle on a grand scale.

PropGOLuxury.com offers the most effective way to reach millions of China’s and the world’s elite property consumers.

For more information, please contact enquires@propgoluxury.com