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The Top 10 most exclusive homes for sale in Croatia right now

April 17, 2022 - Croatia
Top 10 exclusive luxury home from Croatia include a contemporary property under construction in an attractive position in one of the most beautiful bays near Rogoznica,

Croatia - The New Tourism Star of the European Union

January 07, 2013 - Croatia
There was more good news this year for Croatian tourism, this time film awards, with the awarding of a 'Tourism Oscar' to Ana Rucner's Ode to Joy video in Berlin in March 2012. The promotional film, produced for the Croatian National Tourist Board, and featuring the country's star cellist, takes viewers on a spectacular journey through the heritage, nature and culture of the country. The video was somewhat controversial when first released in that it was a major departure from the tourist board's traditional approach of focusing on the Adriatic coast and islands under the slogan The Mediterranean as it Once Was, but that decision has been departure has been more than vindicated with the prestigious award of Das Goldene Stadttor at the ITB Tourism Fair in Berlin. Receiving the award, Niko Bulic, acting Director of the General Office of the Croatian National Tourist Board, which is promoting the country through a new slogan - Croatia, the New Tourism Star of the European Union - was understandably delighted with the award: "It is primarily intended to show to foreign markets and will further promote the fact that Croatia will soon become the 28th member of the European Union," Bulic said. Croatia had strong early demand for its 2012 season, with high profile recognition of Dubrovnik and the island of Hvar in particular fuelling interest.

Dalmatian Hinterland - from the valuable heritage to the majestic diversity of its unspoilt landscapes

December 21, 2012 - Croatia
Not many people know about the Dalmatian hinterland in Croatia. For centuries, it was considered unimportant, though it deserves to be presented in all its glory, from the valuable heritage which witnesses to the dramatic historical events which took place here, to the majestic diversity of its unspoilt landscapes. Diversity of unspoilt landscapes. Southern Croatia, also known by the name of Dalmatia, is the land of sun and sea with a thousand islands. It is protected by a wall of coastal mountains. But what lies behind this wall of mountains? If anybody questioned this at all, hardly anyone researched the answer. We shall take you to this region behind the mountains. The most beautiful area of the Dalmatian hinterland is the one of the District of Cetina. Cetina is the river which gave this area its name and life. Between the mountains of Svilaja and Dinara there lies a valley which is made up of fields connected by the river of Cetina. Yielding under the mountain range confluent streams flow into the Cetina. They irrigate the surrounding fields, turn the mills and turbines and provide water for the people and animals; these waters are a mirror and jewellery of the District of Cetina. While in the fields water rule, in the mountains it is the rock. Lime-stone shows so much richness in shape, the kind that you can only see in a picture-book of rocks. Walking in these areas we pass through the table-lands, we see canyons, skip over cracks in the limestone, go down into ditches and caves, and we can rest our tired feet mudded with red soil in the quiet glens.

Follow The Steps Of Anthony Bourdain In Croatia

November 27, 2012 - Croatia
It took Anthony Bourdain, the famous chef and world traveler, quite a while to discover Croatia and its bounties, he admitted. But then it blew his mind and palate! When you see it all in the Croatian episode of his TV show “No Reservations”, you might wish to follow his footstep around Croatia… Since the country and its cuisine are so plentiful and diverse, for his first trip Bourdain chose the northern part of the Adriatic: Istria and northern Dalmatia. The episode he filmed in Croatia is called “Coastal Croatia.” Reaction to the episode, has been ecstatic and overwhelmingly positive. Love him or hate him – Bourdain can be a divisive, acerbic personality with a raw, uncensored sense of humor – the “Coastal Croatia” episode is an extremely entertaining, informative, and well-produced piece of travel journalism.