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Google to Buy Dublin Office Building

February 21, 2011 - Ireland
Google Inc. is expanding its operations in Dublin by agreeing Thursday to pay €99.9 million ($135.6 million) for the city's tallest office building, in one of Ireland's largest property deals since the financial crisis.

Google Among Bidders for $2 Billion Building

November 01, 2010 - New York
Google Inc. is a front runner to buy the massive building it occupies as its New York City headquarters in a deal that could be worth nearly $2 billion.

Google Completes UK Street View Coverage

March 22, 2010 - United Kingdom
Last week Google unveiled full Street View coverage for Google Maps in the United Kingdom. Around 238,000 miles of UK public roads are now available in Street View according to a Google press release. The service has previously been restricted to major cities.It means Britain will join Spain, France, Italy and the U.S, which already have nationwide coverage. Street View images are captured by a Google car fitted with a panoramic camera on its roof. Pedestrianised areas including Stonehenge and the banks of Loch Ness were shot by a Google tricycle.

Monopoly City Streets Launches on Google

September 15, 2009 - United States
Real estate investors who are a bit nervous of splashing out because of the global economic downturn can now try to buy almost any street in the world with a new on-line version of the popular property game Monopoly. A massive on-line, multi-player version of the Monopoly games has been launched by toymaker Hasbro and Google. The free game will last for four months and uses Google Maps as the playing board. The toymaker claims it will be the biggest game of Monopoly of all time and will allow players to purchase almost any street in the world.